About Carrie Dunham
As the Founder & Creative Director, I’ve always had a strong design sense and passion for fashion.  Growing up, I would often find myself creating ideas for different styles in my head, and then seeing them become one of the next biggest trends a few months later.  Although my true love and passion stood with design, I worked in finance for many years and enjoyed working with my clients but lacked a passion for what I was selling
Throughout my experience in business school, I learned that if you do what you are passionate about, you have the most chance of success.  Despite the fact that I enjoyed my career in finance, it wasn’t my passion.  I always knew I wanted to start my own business, and it was in business school where I got the idea for Carrie Dunham.  I could not find a functional bag that was also stylish to carry my laptop and books around on campus.  I became frustrated with the damages to my laptop and other electronic devices, when carried in an unprotected tote bag.  My identical twin sister, who was attending law school at the time, was having a similar issue, and I quickly came to realize there was nothing on the market for laptop bags that provided both fashion and function.  I decided to take some fashion and design courses, in addition to classes on how to manage a business.
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Finally, after spending many late nights after work making and creating prototypes, I hired a manufacturer and started my line. I launched my initial line of reversible laptop bags, traditional laptop cases, tote bags, and camera cases in November of 2008. Since then, I have expanded my product line to include all of the different technology cases in addition to my sophisticated twist on the classic Bermuda bag.  My patented Dunham Clutch, handbag and satchel, like my original designs, include both function and style.  Accessorizing, has never been so much fun and easy.   The fun colors and styles I use in my designs incorporate my personality and classic style.  They are intended to make a person feel revived and energized in their daily lives. Now it is easy to make a great outfit even better with an accessory that complements not hinders an outfit.- Carri
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