The Dunham & Carrie Clutch/Crossbody Collection

One bag...infiinite possibilities.

The Lizzie Clutch/Crossbody

One Bag...infinite possibilities...

Interchangeable & Convertible

One Bag....infinite possibilities.

Finally a bag to make uniquely yours for every occasion...Pick your base and start adding covers, straps, monograms & more.

The Lizzie clutch
A boxier base with reversible covers.
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The Lizzie Handbag
A functional, gorgeous bag for everyday...#carrieyourway with a cover or new strap.
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The Carrie/Dunham Clutch Collection
Seven different bases...infinite combinations of covers & straps.
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Gorgeous on either side

Wear folded down completely on either side, with a slight fold or none at all.

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